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The White Elephants Club

(by Armin Gruen, President of White Elephant Club)

The White Elephants Club is a group of previous or actual senior officers of ISPRS or persons with longstanding, very close relations to ISPRS, who have reached a level of personal and technical development which makes them comparable to white elephants (in the Asian sense).

  The aims of the White Elephants Club are to continue friendship among the members, to share commemorative events of the members, to support the missions and goals of ISPRS and to communicate and encourage young generations to grow into potential “elephants” through their activity.

The activities of the White Elephants Club include

  • Transfer of technology by initiating and organizing seminars, tutorials and workshops
  • Initiating, coordinating and supporting projects by bringing together users, sponsors and experts as science and technology broker
  • Bridging the gap between generations and fostering events to support young scientists and students
  • Initiating and supporting e-learning activities with focus on integration of high-tech elements in teaching and training processes
  • Maintaining a sense of tradition and understanding of development within ISPRS by contributing actively to the collection of notes and reports about the history of photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS

Currently the main activities of the White Elephants Club

are Tutorials called “White Elephants Sessions”. They usually require 1.5 hours. They have been conducted in the past during ISPRS as well as ACRS (Asian Conference on Remote Sensing) and other events with the following contents and speakers:

How to write a Thesis: Armin Gruen

How to write a Project Proposal: Gottfried Konecny / Ian Dowman / John Trinder / Orhan Altan / Kohei Cho

How to give Presentations: Shunji Murai

Session Chairperson: Armin Gruen