#4 Orfeo ToolBox

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#4 Orfeo ToolBox

This workshop is addressed to beginners with Orfeo ToolBox (OTB), who want to begin to use OTB in their own remote sensing and geomatic processings.

First part of the workshop will be a short introduction to OTB and its applications : you will learn how to use the various applications through command line or graphical interface, or through its image viewer (Monteverdi).

Then, you will manipulate a Jupyter Notebook and will learn how to use OTB Python interface to build a small processing chain. You will compute watermasks from a Sentinel 2 images time series, in order to extract some geographical information. This example shows how OTB can interact with other frameworks (GDAL, Xarray, PostgreSQL).

This workshop needs some basic knowledge about remote sensing. The pre-filled Python code is very simple, so that every people will make the processing chain work properly.


We will provide two ways of configuring your environment to follow the workshop :

–          OTB installation instructions & some data package to download

–          Or a Virtual Machine, that contains all the software and training data

è Instructions will be provided prior to the workshop. This tutorial is available here : https://gitlab.orfeo-toolbox.org/dyoussef/otb-guided-tour