#5 Cloud Compare short course

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14 Jun 2020

#5 Cloud Compare short course

CloudCompare is open source software designed for high performance point cloud processing. Initially developed for comparing 3D point clouds (change/difference detection) it has, over time, become a general and well-respected point cloud processing utility, with many users around the world. The software includes advanced algorithms such as registration, resampling, handling of color, normal and scalar fields, computation of statistics, segmentation and display enhancement. In addition, plugins are available implementing state-of-the-art algorithms reported in the scientific literature.

In this short course, CloudCompare’s creator and lead developer, Daniel Girardeau-Montaut,
will give an overview of the software, including elements such as registration, cloud to cloud
comparison and plugins. The course is aimed at all participants with an interest in learning
more about practical point cloud processing.

Detailed program:
Presentation of the CloudCompare project
– Generalities
o Level 1: graphical interface, display, manipulations, etc.
o Level 1.5: scalar fields
– Advanced point cloud processing
o Level 2: registration, distance computation, etc.
– Plugins
o M3C2, Animation, etc.
– Quick overview of other features

Practical information: participants should bring their own laptop computers if possible
Course holder: Dr Daniel Girardeau-Montaut
Maximum capacity: 20 attendees
Duration: full day