Thematic Sessions

Weight loss could result from a number of reasons, water loss, muscle degradation, and you need to be certain that you're gaining muscles and losing body fats. During the challenge you're going to be educated in how to eat and exercise to make the most of your weight loss and you're going to be inspired to adhere to your plan. Weight loss is one thing which can greatly enhance the way that people feel about themselves which improves performance. When others notice your successful weight reduction, it provides you an excellent sense of achievement.

Many heeded the challenge to create fantastic changes in their way of life and be in a position to live much healthier and fitter body throughout the course of their life. Before you set out your weight-loss challenge, you must understand three important keys. Our Weight Loss Challenge makes it possible to get fit, shed weight and adopt wholesome eating and exercise habits. It delivers the perfect combination of the two in a positive, energetic environment that has been proven to get you the results you want. The greatest weight-loss challenge operates by motivating people to shed weight through competition.

In case the Challenge included group fitness programs make sure that they are accessible for all exercise levels. The next thing which you are able to do is to join a weight reduction challenge. A successful weight reduction challenge is one which is intended to support your aims and that empowers you to create adjustments to your way of life and habits.

Updated Information available in September 2020

List of Thematic Sessions

Day 1
27 Oct 2020

Unconventional applications for geo-spatial deep learning

Keywords: deep learning, explainability, interpretability, on-board processing, heritage mapping, biodiversity, SAR, optical, hyperspectral, LiDAR Session abstract Since the XXIII ISPRS Congress in Prague (2016), deep learning methods have emerged and...
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Devis Tuia
Matthieu Molinier

LULC Change Detection and Updating

WG work and call  for submissions (among other) on: LULC change detection Climate change impact on changes in LULC Dynamics cycles and prediction of LULC Automatic and autonomous algorithms for...
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Ammatzia Peled

Digital twins: Vision papers

Keywords: Future of information displays, visualization and interaction paradigms, content creation procedures, automation, artificial intelligence, extended reality; IoT, Big data, 3D Modelling Abstract: With the advent of better functioning and...
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Victoria Rautenbach
Chris Pettit
Sidonie Christophe
Arzu Çöltekin

Deep Learning in Remote Sensing

Co-organised by IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society and ISPRS As in many other fields deep learning has made major inroads in the interpretation of remote sensing imagery during the...
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Christian Heipke
Paolo Gamba

News Approaches in Radio Sciences for Disaster Management and Remote Sensing

Abstract Risk has a multi-facet character. A disaster event must be managed in a transdisciplinary way even if we are confined to radio-science and remote sensing aspects. The contribution of...
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Orhan Altan
Tullio Joseph Tanzi

Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation

Co-organized by ION, IAG, FIG, RIN Acceptable dates: Thursday (June 18, 2020) or Friday (June 19, 2020) Session Chairs: Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska (ION) and Allison Kealy (IAG/FIG) Potential presenters: Ismael Colomina...
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Charles Toth
Allison Kealy
Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska

Simulation & Visualization : How to improve the visual understanding on complex dynamics on earth?

Keywords: visualization, rendering, representation, interaction, simulation, learning, interpretation, reasoning Visualizing images in order to better understand data coming from measures or simulations is a part of the process of scientific...
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Sidonie Christophe
Arzu Çöltekin

Learning to Predict Land Cover from Bad Examples

Keywords: Machine learning, land cover classification, weak supervision, label noise Abstract: One of the core tasks of remote sensing is to create (and update at ever higher frequencies) maps of...
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Jan Dirk Wegner
Michael Schmitt


Keywords National Mapping, Geospatial Data Acquisition, Modeling and Processing, Updating and Integration, Information Usage, Business Models and Operation Abstract EuroSDR is an European not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping and Cadastral...
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Jon Mills
Fabio Remondino

EO challenges and opportunities for the SDGs

ABSTRACT The importance of data in development policies and processes is increasingly being emphasized. The United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development represents a major milestone towards development policies that...
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Marc Paganini

Datacubes for EO and Geosciences

ABSTRACT Datacubes address the need for fast and efficient access, analysis and processing of geospatial data along space and time, notably Big Earth Data: Earth Observations, IoT sensor data, environmental...
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Anca Anghelea

AI for EO & Earth Science

ABSTRACT AI is one of the fastest developing domains, with an overwhelming majority of businesses looking to adopt AI and analytics to improve their operations. Machine Learning and Computer Vision...
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Diego Fernàndez Prieto

The White Elephants Club

(by Armin Gruen, President of White Elephant Club) The White Elephants Club is a group of previous or actual senior officers of ISPRS or persons with longstanding, very close relations...
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Armin Gruen
Shunji Murai
Gottfried Konecny

Polarization Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

Key words: polarization remote sensing; vector propagation Abstract Polarization plays an important role in the field of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing but we all ignore its influence on remote observation....
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Lei Yan

ISPRS Scientific Initiatives and Educational & Capacity Building Initiatives

In 2014 ISPRS has introduced the so called Scientific Initiative to support projects of interest to the ISPRS community. Call are normally launched in autum of evenly numbered  years. Details...
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Songnian Li

Updated Information available in September 2020