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Updated Information available in December 2020

Technology Track / Industry

Day 1
05 Jul 2021

RIEGL: UAV-borne bathymetric LiDAR put to test

Based on expertise in topo-bathymetric airborne LiDAR as well as in miniaturisation and integration of LiDAR sensors for UAV integrations, RIEGL developed a new,  especially compact bathymetric LiDAR system, the...
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Ursula Riegl

RACURS: Phogrammetric software in computer clouds and remote stereo vectorization

Software algorithms in photogrammetry are now almost fully automatic. Thus, CPU hungry computations can be performed on a remote rented powerful computer systems (clusters). We consider bottlenecks of distributed computing...
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Andrey Yu. Sechin

ESRI: Imagery and Remote Sensing using ArcGIS

Esri the leader in GIS, Imagery and Remote Sensing is putting together a package of teaching materials to aid the development of university curricula. The package will cover both basic...
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Day 2
06 Jul 2021

AEROMETREX: High Resolution Multiscale 3D City Modelling

Aerometrex is a leader in the acquisition, processing and delivery of high-resolution 3D reality mesh models and has executed projects across Australia, Europe and North America. Aerometrex utilizes leading capture...
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Fabrice Marre
David Byrne

AIRBUS: Pléiades Neo, get ready for a new level of performances

This is 2020, the year Pléiades Neo is launched. With four identical satellites, optimum reactivity and capacity, Pléiades Neo will provide intraday revisit anywhere on Earth; at 30cm resolution and...
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Mélanie Revellat
Laurent Coeurdevey
Olivier Chassin

AIRBUS: Airbus turns imagery into insight with The OneAtlas Platform

Airbus’ OneAtlas platform, is a unique collaborative environment to easily access our premium satellite  imagery and analytics, to perform large-scale image processing, extract industry-specific insights and benefit from Airbus assets...
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Marie-Christine Delucq
Laurent GABET
Day 3
07 Jul 2021

THALES: WEkEO, a new generation of Earth Observation ground segment oriented towards services

End of last year, digital transformation of Earth Observation ground segment has reached a new end with the operational deployment of a new kind of platform. WEkEO, a Data and...
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Loïc Rognant

TRIMBLE: Combining Deep Learning with Object-based Image Analysis: A win-win situation

Trimble eCognition software is used by GIS professionals, remote sensing experts, and data scientists to automate geospatial data analytics. Users can design feature extraction solutions to transform geo-data into geo-information....
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Christian Weise