ESRI: Imagery and Remote Sensing using ArcGIS

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15 Jun 2020

ESRI: Imagery and Remote Sensing using ArcGIS

Esri the leader in GIS, Imagery and Remote Sensing is putting together a package of teaching materials to aid the development of university curricula. The package will cover both basic and advanced remote sensing concepts along with practical examples and exercises.
This presentation will introduce the package and should be particularly relevant to university professors and instructors interested in incorporating these materials in their teaching.
The package will contain several decks of slides, which provide all the foundational concepts and can be customized as desired.  It will also include accompanying hands-on exercises that can be used as labs or assignments. All materials will be offered free of charge.
The workshop will also give details on how to obtain licenses for ArcGIS Desktop, Online or Enterprise, to teach GIS and Remote Sensing.

All attendees will be provided with links to the downloadable content.  They will also have the opportunity to connect directly with Esri to ask questions, give feedback, and make suggestions for further developments.