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Bridging with industry


ISPRS has decided to develop a program “Bridging back with industry” to consolidate and develop tighter links between science and industry within ISPRS and to enlarge the attendance of the congress to decision-makers, local authorities, developers, end-users, etc. This program will be applied for the first time at the ISPRS 2020 congress in Nice. It consists in the organisation of several events within the congress, each of them being built to be attractive and useful for companies and to provide a high Return on Investment for the companies and their staff.

These events are the following:

  • The “Building the future together” Fora Track will be one of the 8 parallel tracks of the congress. It will cover the 6 days of the congress. It addresses specific hot topic subjects from a variety of point of views (societal needs, policy and decision-making, business models, science and technology, …). It is addressed to decision makers, market leaders, start-ups, leading scientists and technologists.
  • The Technology Track is also one of the 8 parallel tracks. It enables companies to present their technologies and products without submitting scientific papers ; it is addressed to salespersons, technical staff, customers and end-users. the Speed Dating Forum. This event aims at connecting the large number of highly qualified students (master, Phd, post-docs) and young professionals attending the congress with the human ressources departments of the major sponsor companies.
  • The Innovation Forum comprising a solvaton, a hackathon and a mapaton.
  • A large Industry Exhibition during 3 days. it is addressed to salespersons, marketing people, technical staff, customers and end-users.

Become a sponsor


ISPRS 2020 is your opportunity to make connections and build relationships through a variety of support opportunities to achieve the highest level of exposure to a multidisciplinary audience from around the world. We invite you participate as valued support and exhibitor.
If you wish to receive our sponsorship brochure, please contact : sponsorship@isprs-nice.com

Become an Exhibitor


The industry exhibition will take place from Monday 5 to Wednesday 7 July 2021 (set up on Sunday 4 July 2021.
For all detailed information and booking, please contact : sponsorship@isprs-nice.com

Current Exhibitors

Aerometrex Ltd/IGO * Agisoft LCC * Airbus * Beijing Geospatial Smart Technology Co Ltd * Beijing GEOWAY Software Co Ltd * Beijing Piesat Information Technology * DAT/EM Systems International *  ESRI * Euspaceimaging * Hexagon * IGI Systems * LUXCARTA Technology * Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) * nFrames * Phase One Industrial * Pix4D * RACURS * RESE Applications LLC * Resonon/Laser2000 * RIEGL * SI Imaging Systems * SpaceWill Info Co Ltd * Spectral Evolution * Thales Alenia Space * Vexcel Imaging* AIR6 Systems Ltd * Trimble Germany GmbH * GGS GmbH * Bentley Systems * Geodyn Germany GmbH